The farm and pigs

We are a small family run farm on the Worcestershire Warwickshire border. We breed and produce free range pedigree Berkshire pigs.

Our pigs live outdoors all year round and are grazed on a mixture of woodland and pasture. This is perfect for the pigs as not only do they benefit from specialised pig feed, but also have access to forage and are able to enjoy a natural and stress free life. This results in very Jolly Oinks!

The oldest recorded British breed dating back to the 1600s, the Berkshire pig, is a specialty porker and is famous for its quality all over the world. In Japan it is regarded as a delicacy and the meat is often referred to as the ‘Wagyu’ of pork, because of the amazing marbling and eating quality it possesses.

We believe that a combination of the Berkshire breed and our free range woodland and pasture farming leads to a superior end product. British free range, pedigree rare breed pork. It is also supporting and preserving an endangered British breed which has been established for hundreds of years.

We deliver our meat boxes nationwide via post and also offer a personal delivery service if you are in a 20 mile range of the farm.

About the Farmer

Max Tailby is a first generation pig farmer in Worcestershire and is passionate about the preservation of the Berkshire pig. Over the past few years he has built a herd from one pig to what it is today. There have been hiccups along the way which have all served as valuable lessons. The most notable being his first pig escaping for eight hours on the first night it arrived, only to turn up again in the early hours of the morning outside the farm gates! Ushered in by a man on his way home from the pub, his wife was convinced he was seeing things, when he said he saw a pig loose on the road!

Moving forward Max will continue to grow his breeding herd of Berkshire pigs and continue to produce sustainable Jolly Oinks.

Our practices

Rare breed pigs grow slower than the modern commercial breeds of today. Allowing more time for them to forage and roam in the great outdoors, exhibiting all their natural behaviours which adds to the flavour and quality of the pork. All of our meat is expertly butchered, prepared and packed in sustainable, recyclable and reusable packaging which is guaranteed to keep your order cool for 48 hours.

Once you have placed an order with us you will receive an email detailing when to expect your delivery. All orders are non refundable.

Pigs Paradise

Our greatest achievement is the lifestyle our pigs lead, here are a few of our Jolly Oinks

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